HomePageWelcome to my website!  I’m an author, journalist, spoken word artist, advocate, photography enthusiast and educator.  Currently, employed by a nonprofit organization I love, writing for a community press and  trying to persuade my utility companies to accept poems in exchange for cash payments.  I appreciate the creative, beautiful, ugly, traditional and progressive gifts life has to offer and almost anything purple.  I enjoy finding new ways to be creative but mostly, I love to write.  Like my work, I am always evolving.  So, welcome to the home of my latest literary project and click here for the inside scoop on my book From Collards to Callaloo: Poems & Letters to Assata (Available at amazon.com).  Here on my website you’ll also find news on upcoming writing projects and events, a view from my fourth eye; my digital photography and ways to stay in touch through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Clubhouse and Email.

L’Monique King

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